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Ricoshape is a fast paced 2 - 4 player competitive game. Battle your friends in a number of arenas and become a champion.  You must eliminate all opponents to win the round. There are power-ups available around the arena to give you an advantage, use them well.

Ricoshape features a simple mechanic. You can switch between 3 shapes, the shape you fire will depend on the shape you currently are. You can only be killed if a shape that hits you is the same as you. You are immune to any shapes that are not the same as you. You must dodge projectiles and collect ammo while trying to eliminate your opponents.

The game requires controllers to play.

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Really fun game!

Absolutely cracking game! Really fun and easy to pick up but seems like you can definitely have hours of fun.

Also love the concept of only being able to be killed by a certain shape as it gets progressively more difficult keeping your eye on the game!

Looking forward to the sequel already

Good multiplayer game, old school feel.

A seriously interesting concept for a fun little game to play with friends, great for both a casual time passer or a full on lose friends a break keyboards ordeal! I can foresee a ton of battles between me and my little brother, absolutely great stuff!

Awesomely addictive. Great game to pass the time with a friend. Played it with a housemate and things got a little intense to say the least. The animation is really nice and smooth, as is the gameplay. Controls are simple and easy to use. Also cool little sound effects; keeps you even more stimulated by the game. It has a nice retro, arcade feel too it. A game that can be played again and again. Nice one buddy ;)

Really enjoyed playing this game. Great multiplayer game, which passed the time and bought out our competitive sides! Could of played for hours.

Really cool idea and really fun and addictive! Me and my girlfriend love it!

Good, fun game, can't wait to play again!

Really clean and unique game mechanic! had many laughs with friends trying to survive the endless attacks. Well done and keep developing!

Really nice game, feels reminiscent of retro tank arcade games but with a modern twist!

Great game to play with a friend, really enjoyed it :)

Awesome little game! Super fun to play as a tournament with a few friends, good job!

Thank you!